Our Members

We currently have 8 full members and 6 network partners.

Health Promotion Board logo - Singapore


Health Promotion Board

Our vision
A nation of healthy people.

Our mission
is to empower individuals to take ownership of their health.


  • Workplace HP 
  • Community Health
  • School Health
  • Healthy Living (diet, PA, mental health, substance abuse, preventive health)


Thai Health Promotion Foundation

Our vision
“All people living in Thailand have capability and live in society and environment conducive to good health.”

Our mission
We are a catalyst. “To inspire, motivate, coordinate, and empower individuals and organizations in all sectors for the enhancement of health promotive capability as well as healthy society and environment to support health promotion movement in Thailand.”


  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Healthy Diet
  • Physical Activity
  • Road Safety
  • Mental Health
  • Environmental Health
  • Emerging Health Issues and other health risks 


Victorian Health Promotion Foundation

We aim to create a healthier, fairer Victoria where everyone benefits from good health and has the opportunity to thrive.

Our vision
Our purpose is to reduce and eliminate barriers to good health by working with Victorians and Victorian communities who face the greatest systemic inequity.

Because we know that the communities facing the greatest barriers are experiencing the poorest health outcomes. We must respond to this widening gap by embedding equity into everything we do.


  • tobacco control
  • mental health 
  • physical activity
  • healthy eating
  • alcohol control


Tonga Health Promotion Foundation

Our vision
Promoting an active and healthy Tonga


  • healthy eating
  • physical activity
  • alcohol control
  • tobacco control
Taiwan Health Promotion Administration - HPA logo


Taiwan Health Promotion Administration

Our vision
Formulating holistic and whole process health promotion policies


  • healthy lifestyles 
  • prevention and screening
  • chronic diseases
  • friendly and supportive environment
  • healthy options and equality
KHEPI logo - Korean Health Promotion Institute


Korea Health Promotion Institute

Our vision
Healthier world, we make


  • Community Health
  • Tobacco Control
  • Nutrition & Obesity
  • Oral Health 
  • Health Care Service for Vulnerable Groups
healthway Australia - Health Promotion Fund logo


Western Australian Health Promotion Foundation

Our vision
At Healthway, we aim to create a healthy Western Australia.

We are passionate about local community initiatives, programs, research, and partnerships that empower the community to adopt healthier lifestyles.


  • healthy eating
  • mental health
  • physical activity
  • alcohol control
  • tobacco control
Health and Wellbeing Queensland logo


Health and Wellbeing Queensland

Our vision
Every Queenslander achieves and sustains a healthier weight by moving more and making healthier food and drink choices.

We are here to make healthy happen.


  • Generation Queensland
  • Healthy weight
  • Remote food security
  • Healthy equity
  • Clinical prevention

Associated Members



Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance

A healthy, tobacco-free world

Lao PDR Tobacco Control Fund logo

Lao PDR Tobacco

Lao PDR Tobacco Control Fund

Aiming to reduce the consumption, sale and harmful consequences.

Network Partners


Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance


World Health Organization South-East Asia Region


World Health Organization Western Pacific Region


International Union of Health Promotion and Education

How to get involved ?

There are 3 types of members for you to join us:

Full members

  • Set the direction and policy of the Network
  • Strengthen your position and voice
  • Partial funding support to attend INHPF activities

Key characteristics of full members

  • Your main purpose is to fund health promotion activities;
  • Your mission is based on specific legislation;
  • You are a legal body (juristic person governed by private or public law) with a governance structure that includes stakeholder representation;
  • Your financing is institutionalized in order to provides for long term budgeting and recurrent budget for the purpose of health promotion;
  • You are not aligned with any one political group; and
  • You promote health by working with and across many sectors and levels of society

Associate members

Associate members shall be invited to actively participate in the HPF activities, to engage in its development and to submit suggestions.

Key characteristics of associate members

  • Private or public entities who are in the process of establishing a health promotion organization which will meet the key characteristics of full members, or
  • Private or public entities that their mission are aligned with INHPF’s mission and goal.

Network partners

Network Partners are invited to the HPF Network’s Annual Meetings, can receive general information and may participate in certain HPF network activities

Key characteristics of network partners

Private or public entities that have an explicit interest in the HPF Network’s activity and its goals and principles aligned with INHPF’s.

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