Highlighted Ideas

Highlighted ideas on Health promotion
from the annual meeting 2023

“Sometimes you do not have to think about it. It (should be) a healthier (choice) by default…”

Mr. Tay Choon Hong
on Singapore Health Promotion Board’s strategies

Health Promotion Innovations Towards Equitable Well-being

“ They (countries in the LMIC) thought that health promotion is for the developed country, then they saw Thailand set it (ThaiHealth) up, they started to be interested…”

Prof. Prakit Vetasatogkit

“ When we look at the future of Health Promotion,…We need to step out of our comfort zone…and that requires a transformative role in health promotion.”

Dr. Rüdiger Krech

“Sometimes you do not have to think about it. It (should be) a healthier (choice) by default…”

Mr. Tay Choon Hong on Singapore Health Promotion Board’s strategies

“Thailand and ThaiHealth has been innovating again and again every time we think that you’re at the forefront you do something to be even further ahead.”

Dr. Supreda Adulyanon

Synergistic Partnership/ Multisectoral Collaboration in Health Promotion

People do not like change. Organizations do not like change, certainly a bad one. We (Health promotion agencies) need to maintain a positive relationship with them. We (Health promotion agencies) need to be a good partner. It is a two-way stream.

Mr. Mark Tuohy

Every single agencies has priority and residents’ heart in mind, but we may see from different angles, We have to bridge them by bringing to the table and defining the joint success.

Mr. Gideon Ho

Skin in the game = Everyone came together with something valuable to achieve from the collaboration.”

Ms. Kristine Cooney

Innovations to Addressing Major Risks of NCDs

(Innovations in health promotion goes beyond technological advancement)….(but) involves developing and implementing processes, products, programmes, policies or systems that result in improvements in health and equity.

Dr. Olivia Corazon Nieveras.

(Health Promotion Plan)…can be used as an (example of) realization of Health in all Policies through multi-ministerial and multi-sectoral participation.

Dr. Yumi Oh

Social Marketing and Power of Young Generation for Health Promotion

….Social marketing is a natural fit for anybody working in the health promotion or public health field because we’re all committed to creating healthier populations through empowering and working with them rather than trying to influence them from a superior position but it’s about really putting a lot of effort into understanding people seeking to help and working with them…

Prof. Jeff French

The new generation does not represent the future but is the driving force of today’s society.

Mr. Nontakorn Siriwattanasatorn

Leaving No One Behind: Building Cultures of Equity and Inclusivity

We have to understand that it is not the weakness of them (vulnerable groups), but it is the susceptibility or the higher risk than other kinds of population.

Dr. Watchara Riewpaiboon

The issue of inequality has to be seen in our view in a much broader aspect than a simple income inequality. We need to look at all factors and unfortunately what we are seeing in today’s world when we opened the radio or switch on our phone does not give us a lot of reasons to be hopeful and optimistic, but we have to go with what we have. ”

Mr. Renaud Meyer

The Next Decade of INHPF: Key Challenges and Opportunities

We are standing like a fork in the road. We have the culmination and convergance of the multiple global crisis. The challenge never been greater, the stake never been higher but the opportunity has never been so significance….and we have an important role… 

Dr. Sandro Demaio on the future of INHPF

If we were going to fell faster and learn, let’s fell fast as a group and learn from one another so that we are not making the same errors and we can get further and faster as one.

Dr. Sandro Demaio

I have a long list of suggestion for the next decade of the INHPF but I select only one…BE PROACTIVE.  We need to move faster. If not today, then when?

Ms. Bungon Ritthiphakdee